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At Pathways to Potential, consistent outcomes are achieved, leading to a balance in health and lifestyle.

Ros has recently retired but invites you to enjoy the information found on these pages.

How does Counselling help?

Having a conversation or a chat can be very helpful in almost every situation of life.

  • Personal, Business, Education and or Health challenges.
  • Mind Body Health or general well being
  • Looking for better ways to handle Stress Management
  • Do you know about the benefits of Relaxation?
  • Mood including
    • Anger, Sadness, Lethargy
    • Anxiety, fears and phobias
    • Addictions
    • Grief and Sadness
  • Confidence, Self Awareness and Self esteem

It is important to note that with some of these issues it is important to consult more than one health care practitioner so as to gain a balance in care.

It is my belief that in honouring and recognising that the body and the thinking mind are involved in an intimate relationship, that we can realise there are many choices available to and for us, no matter what our circumstance. It is this that leads to insight and change.

Our work together addresses the most important factors in health and mind body well-being.
You and your unique situation and your accomplishments and challenges.

Significant in this, is the role our body plays in influencing our physical and emotional state. The function of the thinking or cognitive mind and the way we respond through our senses. It is this connection that forms the basis of Brain Based Therapy and enables us to rewire our mind and to discover that there is always choice.

It is this relationship that is to be attended to, if we are to be truly healthy and whole.


Why Counselling?

You are always welcomed as an individual, you and who you are.

I see my role as a sponsor and mentor.

Perhaps the way to look at our time together is to think in terms of steps taken and stages of insight and change.

Understand how you feel and how you respond to situations.

Many of these steps may go unnoticed until time is taken for reflection and then there is recognition of what has changed for you.

Sometimes life, or a situation, is just easier, there is a flow, positive things begin to just happen, as if by magic.

In some instances this occurs almost instantly, realisation in the moment of change, often this healing isnt just a momentous event but a gradual journey of discovery. It is a mindful process.

We are all different and so too our journey of discovery which can be of profound value in creating work life balance, performance and health.

For you to gift, and set aside this time for you.

Ros invites conversation and listens deeply and happily answers any questions you may have and provides the space and time, for this.

From this you will discover the benefits of the knowledge and experience you have, combined with new ideas and suggestions which are helpful and beneficial.

Ros is passionate about learning, and so education, understanding and the knowledge you gain are indeed, an important aspect of this for you.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to discover, through observation, self-awareness, confidence to embody your values and know bodily comfort.

Between consultations you are invited to make a follow-up call if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for all your pre and post birth support for our little girl and me.
I appreciate all the relaxation techniques and counselling support during this exciting and sometimes challenging period.


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