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Relaxation for Mind Body Health and Wellbeing.

Ros has recently retired but invites you to enjoy the information found on these pages.

What is Hypnosis?

In explaining a little about this fascinating subject it is perhaps important to note that there are many ways in working within the field of Hypnosis or Trance.

Trance may be explained as a natural learning state. One way of understanding this is that our attention becomes internally focused and absorbed, and it is in this way we can go into hypnosis as our intention flows from conscious awareness to unconscious awareness ; thus leading to a sense of harmony and inner peacefulness.

So we are in a Hypnotic, relaxed, or trance state of undivided attention, rather than a spontaneous, consciously alert state.

I utilise and teach Mindfulness Meditation , Visualisation and Imagery for Therapeutic outcomes and Performance.

These methods are now proven in scientific research, to be effective for mind body balance and ease, and certainly to contribute to rehabilitation and recovery pain reduction and also for profound relaxation, leading to self awareness, the developing of confidence and inner resourcefulness and acceptance of life and living , for mind body healnig and health. These can also be utilised to decrease the adverse effects of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Surgery to promote healing and health and a balanced and realistic acceptance of life and living.

These practices have been found to be powerful in decreasing anxiety and tension and fear of the unknown, in particular, when faced with consequences of chronic and life threatening disease and injury.

In living and dying there are often times when grief can be overwhelming. It is also in exploring this that NLP and Hypnosis can support individuals and allow some balance into their experience.

So this is beneficial not only as a therapeutic base for Mind Body Integration and Health but also to enhance communication and understanding in Education, Consulting, Performance and Mentoring Business.

The outcome of positive results achieved at Pathways to Potential is always about increasing the choices we have in any situation and is what makes the difference between excellence and average.

How can this help?

I believe trance, meditation, visualisation and imagery can be used most effectively for Relaxation and can enhance Health, Healing, Mind Body Balance, Self Awareness, Performance and Quality of Life.

The way in which an Individual Private Session, Presentation or Workshop proceeds depends on the client or group and how each individual can be guided to discover their own resourcefulness and also access potent learning pathways.

These mind body approaches are proven to be effective in decreasing anxiety, pain and tension and also to promote healing before, during and after Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and as soon as is possible when illness and injury occur.

In living and dying there are often times where grief can be overwhelming. It is also in exploring this that individuals can find strength and insight and to allow some balance into their experience.

Each Individual can utilise these practices and be masterful in guiding their own choices.


" I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and I was so blessed to find Ros, she has been the most effective therapist I have ever been too. I can assure you I have been to plenty, many which made feel awful about what I was going through, by continuously labelling me with a clinical condition. Ros was the opposite, she treated me as a whole person with such gentleness and care which I had never experience before. I valued her skill, wisdom, insights and tremendous positive perspective and always left my sessions feeling more empowered and with a sense of renewed hope. I can't thank Ros enough for everything she has done for me and would recommend her to anyone who wants to heal from current or past pain and trauma."

DL Melbourne

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