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NLP is a way of exploring our mind and how we perceive the world through our senses.

Ros has recently retired but invites you to enjoy the information found on these pages.

Where is NLP Effective?

NLP can be effective in almost every avenue of life.

  • Personal, Business, Education and Health.
  • Mind Body Health
  • Stress Management, Relaxation
  • Mood-
    • Anger , Sadness, Lethargy
    • Anxiety, fears and phobias
    • Addictions
    • Grief and Sadness
  • Confidence, Self Awareness and Self esteem

It is important to note that with some of these issues it is important to consult more than one health care practitioner so as to gain a balance in care.

What to expect at a consultation

The length of a consultation may vary usually between one and two hours.

Consultations may be close together at the beginning and then at greater intervals as your health improves.

Often it will be up to you to decide when to make an appointment.

A history will be taken.

You will be asked about the presenting problem and how is it a problem for you, and also about your interests, hobbies, family and career.

There is a marked difference here from general counselling. There may be exploration in conversation, NLP techniques or gentle relaxation for change.

How does NLP work?

NLP is a practical and is about your life is the very essence of communicating and healing.

It consists of models from experience within language and the trance work of Ericksonian Hypnosis. It can be applied to all areas of our lives and is especially effective for mind body health as the changes occur at a neurological level of understanding.

The NLP Practitioner utilises these skills for both a conscious and deeper level of understanding.
The focus should always be on individual resourcefulness and choice for change.

With in this model it is the very essence of communicating and healing and the recognition of a true sense of self, how your view of you and your world can change, and how in a moment, we can validate our own resourcefulness and capabilities.

So, for health and wellbeing, to be aware of our strengths and achievements, and also those things which challenge us, and in this way gain a balance through mind body awareness.

What is NLP?

In the 1970s two American university graduates, Richard Bandler and John Grinder researched the pursuit of excellence.

How we achieve what we do as individuals.

In so doing they incorporated their research with the work of Gregory Bateson (Linguist), Milton Erickson (Psychiatrist) and Virginia Satir (Family Therapist) and others.

The Art and Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming is the modality which developed as a result.

NLP is a way of exploring our mind and how we perceive the world through our senses.
It addresses our communication and use of language and our beliefs and behaviours and how these can change.

Neuro refers to our Nervous System, and how our mind and body are influenced via our sensory pathways.

(Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory.)

Linguistic refers to our communication and the way we use language, both verbal and non verbal, and how these reveal our thinking styles, beliefs and behaviours.

Programming is about how our beliefs and behaviours are powerful and influence on our health and wellbeing.

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